Code Quality Happiness

Bring back the fun into writing quality code

Write better code faster performs automated code reviews to check code style, code duplication, design, maintainability and complexity on every change.

Instead of warnings and errors is working hard to extract positive quality aspects from every change to bring back the fun into writing quality code.

Quality Commits

100% free for open source projects

We love open source

And could not have written without a monstrous amount of awesome open source projects. We like to think of it as our way of giving back to a community.

Get started in no time

Zero Setup is integrated with bitbucket and github to analyze every pushed commit. Automatically. Fast.

Zero Configuration

Setting up projects in is a no brainer. Sensible defaults. Prebuilt eslint and jscs configurations. Want to use your projects eslint or jscs configuration? No problem.


How it works uses your favorite linter(s), a couple of well figured out metrics and technical debt detection under the hood.

For every analyzed commit a change delta is calculated and code changes that increase code quality or decrease technical debt are extracted. All these metrics are put into a big blender to provide a feedback message for every commit. Mostly positive!

Find out more in our documentation.
How it works